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A True Deli Experience 

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History Lesson

Established in 1990, Billy's has become a local favorite as well as a favorite 
for first-time customers.
In 2011, Billy's won the prestigious Top Alternative Deli Award in Southern California by KTLA Channel 5.
Billy's has also won the "Best of San Clemente" award for our sandwiches. 
Commonly called an "institution".  Billy's was founded with the goal of providing customers with the best possible experience.  
Once customers enter the deli, they are welcomed by our staff and awed by the authentic deli offerings.
Life can be stressful, visiting Billy's will leave you joyful and bellyful. 
A Real Meat Market
We offer a full-service butcher shop with highly skilled and dedicated butchers.
Whether you're looking for a rib eye steak, a salmon filet, or something more exotic like that pig you've always wanted to roast in ground Hawaiian style, we're ready and able to help.
We also provide expert preparation cooking instructions - always free of charge. 
​Our Selections include
  • 100% choice and prime Black Angus
  • Variety of always-fresh Seafood 
  • Ready-to-grill, marinated dishes
  • Fresh pork and poultry 
  • Holiday turkeys and prime rib
Check out our large selection of spices, marinades,  and dry rubs.
The Deli Masters
Our Deli Masters are sandwich artisans, skilled in the craft of proper deli sandwich creation.
The Deli Master Sandwich is a bonafide, handcrafted, made-to-order, delicious deli-style sandwich with generous portions of fresh ingredients.
  • Some call them large and some call them HUGE. Our Deli Master Sandwiches include top quality ingredients. 
    • Selection of fresh breads
    • Crisp veggies
    • Board's Head meats and cheeses
    • Billy's own roast beef, pulled pork, shredded chicken, and deli-made meat balls - roasted and smoked on-site 
  • 30+ made-on-site deli salads & entrées
  • A large selection of fresh bakery items
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